Neon Predator
                   Your Hunting Ground for the Underground.
Hello everyone.  Welcome to the Neon Predator site.  We are a company devoted to bringing you the best content from all subcultures whether they are nerds, otakus, musicians, artists, ravers, or whatever else you're into.  We are working on a bunch of great stuff so please bear with us as we fill the site and tweak it.  The store will be up as soon as we have our products ready.  We will also be selling the merchandise of all our promoted artists on here so we can be a one stop shop for all the predators out there.  The forums are up now so feel free to chat about anything you want.  We are really hoping to build a tightknit community of people who are into the underground.  You can also let us know what you would like to see on our site.

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